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(A) Jerusalem Tunic

Rich blue heavy cotton sleeveless tunic has a full metal crewl coat-of-arms hand embroidered on the front. Worn by the Knights of Jerusalem. Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL #M100578.. .$96.99

Jerusalem Cape

Matching blue long sleeved hooded cloak has a tie front and hand made frog closures. One size. Dry clean only. #M100604.. .$68.99

(B) Hospitaller Cape

This matching hooded cape is a heavy cotton with a fully embroidered white cross on the left shoulder. Dry clean only. One size. #M100590. . .$93.99

Hospitaller Tunic

Worn by the Hospitaller Order, this dark brown heavy cotton long sleeved hooded tunic has a white cross embroidered on the front and ships with corded rope belt. Comes complete with strips of aged chain mail attached in front and back to give illusion of a full mail skirt being worn underneath.

Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL #M100588.. .$178.99


Gambeson is a padded surcoat, typically worn under flexible metal or leather armor, for example under a chainmail shirt. Gambeson was an essential part of armor in that it prevented crushing damage. Manufactured of a heavy tan and burgundy cotton and padded for reinforcement. This all-purpose gambeson was used by knights and men-at-arms alike. Lace on sleeves and lace up front.

Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL #M100586.. .$69.99


Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL #M100586.. .$69.99

This tunic is worn by Guy, along with many of the knights in the Holy Land. Thick white cotton with a full red cross embroidered on the front. Comes complete with corded belt. Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL

This long hooded matching cape has a red cross embroidered on the left shoulder. Heavy cotton with corded tie. One size. Dry clean only #M100584.. .$93.99

(D) Ibelin Tunic

Worn by the Knights of Ibelin. Heavy tan and wine color cotton with crosses embroidered on both the front and back, Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL #M100580. . .$54.99

Saladin Robe

Saladin, a character from the Kingdom of Heaven movie, is based on the historic figure, Saladin, the 12th century Kurdish Muslim military general who found the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt and Syria. Salah ad-Din means the Righteousness of the Faith. Saladin was famous in both the Christian and Muslim worlds for his leadership and military skill tempered by his courtesy and compassionate nature during the Crusades. Saladin Robe is a stunning black robe with a shimmering gold interior and trim. Saladin Robe features a double tie front with Arabic on both sleeves. Made of 100% rayon. Dry clean only.

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