Ancient Celtic Jewellery Ring

Knotwork Pendant

Celtic knots are ornamental patterns that first became associated with Celtic people in the early Celtic Church where they were used to decorate Bible manuscripts, monuments. The Pendant is an intricate round knot pendant. The pendant measures 7/8 inches in diameter. Chain is included with this knotwork pendant and is 16 inches long. #M8259.. .$22.95

(A) Triple Wolf Celtic Knot Slave Bracelet

Triple Wolf Celtic Knot Slave Bracelet features a beautiful decoration of the Celtic knot with a wolf. The knotwork, as well as the wolf is featured on the bracelet, the ring and on also the link between the ring and bracelet. The Triple Wolf Celtic Knot Slave Bracelet is crafted of lead-free pewter. The bracelet is adjustable; one size fits all.

(B) Celtic Slave Bracelet

The Celtic slave bracelet is composed of a Celtic cuff bracelet attached by chain to a Celtic ring. There is a Celtic knot piece in the middle of the chain. Both bracelet and ring are adjustable. One size fits all. Celtic Slave Bracelet is made of lead-free pewter.

Celtic Knot Pendant

The Celtic Knot Pendant is styled little differently that the others. It is of round shape, measuring approximately 11/8 inches in diameter. The inside of the circle is in shape of a cross that is detailed with knotwork. The Celtic knot pendant is crafted of sterling silver. #75675.. .$16.99

The Celtic Wolf Spirit Bottle

The ancient old tradition of carrying small vials about the neck filled with potions for protection or love have been around long before the middle ages. Often these little bottles or vials were uniquely decorated to enhance their power. A small blue glass bottle on cord is wrapped by an antiqued pewter Celtic knot adorned with the ancient Celtic Wolf. Fill with whatever lifts your spirits!

Charmed Celtic Necklace

Charmed Celtic Necklace is constructed of Sterling Silver. The Charmed Celtic necklace is an ancient Celtic luck charm and symbol of the "magic all around us!" The Charmed Pendant comes complete with 18" box chain. The charm is 1 1/8 inches wide. The design featured on the charm is the Celtic Trinity symbol.

Sword Pendant

Handcrafted of fine pewter and set with dazzling Australian crystal stones. These amulets of protection are ornate works of art. Inspired by the chivalrous times of King Arthur. This handsome weapon is an empowering symbol of strength and courage.

Red Enamel Sun and Black Enamel Saturn Pendant

The Sun has been portrayed as the nurturer of life; its rays and warmth are necessary to all living things. All life on Earth depends on the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the cycle of life and regeneration. Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and is the second largest planet in the solar system. It was named after the Roman god Saturn. Its symbol is a stylized representation of the god's sickle. Red enamel sun and black enamel Saturn pendant is like nothing you have ever seen before. It's a very unique Celtic pendant featuring Sun with read and orange rays and the planet Saturn. Above the planet, there is a small portrait of the moon and stars are pictured below the planet. The Red enamel sun and black enamel Saturn pendant is of round shape with a diameter of 1 inch. The pendant makes an attractive gift for those who have interest in the solar system. #75640.. .$29.97

Celtic Knot Pendant

The Celtic Knot Pendant is a unique pendant that features one of many variations of the popular Celtic knot. The pendant measures 1 % inches in length and is 1 1/8 inches wide. The Celtic Knot Pendant is crafted of genuine sterling silver. The pendant is a great compliment to any outfit. Celtic knot earrings and bracelet also available. #75619.. .$16.97

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