A necklace can be made with the same techniques as the earrings. There are only a few differences: Mold just one pendant, cutting wider around the bezel before baking. Form two holes near the top corners and bottom center edges instead of using bails, and attach the pendant to a necklace (I chose this crystal-and-silver beaded necklace), add a plated Alacarte twist clasp to the ends and you're done!

Cabochon Ring

Cabochon Ring

The idea of being able to make my own rings has always been exciting. Metal clay is a wonderful medium to use for rings, as it will hold its shape after firing. A variety of different clay, crystal or glass stones can be added to rings. Even though this project is easy for beginners, the results are very elegant. The best part is that when using polymer clay to hold the tiny pointback crystal stones, you do not have to use any glue. Simply press the stories in place and bake.

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