Sizing A Ring

Cut oVa" (6mm) wide x 3" long st'ip of non-stick craft shee* Add a small piece of tape han over one end. Wrap the strip around your ring finger comfo but not tight and secure with tape. Slide the craft sheet ring and onto a tapered candle. Th^ thickness of the strip and tape v compensate for the shrinkage the metal clay (pmc3 has only a 12-15% shrinkage rate).

1 Create the bezel base and texture the band

Refer to the "Working With Metal Clay" on pages 26-29 while creating this project. Brush olive oil onto your stamp wheel (or rubber stamp) as a release agent. Roll 1 2gm of metal clay into a rope and then flatten to a four card Sickness (see page 26). Rub a little olive oil onto the clay surface. Cut a 7/i6M (1cm) circle and set aside. Roll the stamp wheel over the remaining clay to texture it, pressing down gently. Work as quickly as possible. Cut a VS" (3mm) wide strip from the textured clay using a slicing blade. Immediately place extra clay in the original airtight container.

If you haven't create a paper ring band yet, do it now following the instructions on poge 82. Slide a flexible paring knife under your metal clay strip and place it on the paper band. Wrap the strip around the paper and press the ends together. Spritz the clay with water if it's not sticking well to the paper. Smooth the seam, which will later be covered by the bezel. Prop the candle at an angle. You can use a wad of polymer clay to keep it in place.

3 Form the bezel

Roll a }A" (6mm) ball of metal clay into a 14" (3mm) thick log. Cut four V\in (2mm) wide slices and place any remaining clay back into the package. Roll each slice into a ball and press it flat like a pancake. Mist the clay circle from Step 1 with water, then secure one of the "pancaked" shapes to the circle, bending this shape up on one edge, then pressing it in place. Add the remaining three "pancakes" in this manner, spacing them evenly around the circle. Use a large-ball stylus to smooth the connecting seams.

Mist the ring connection area with water and press the bezel in place. Use the large ball stylus to smooth the area inside the bezel and to make sure it is well-secured to the ring band. Allow the metal clay to air dry until leather-hard (do not use a heat source with a wax candle). Carefully slide the ring —paper band, clay and all—off the candle and place on a drying rack or screen until it is bone dry. Once dry, place on a firing brick, and using a medium flame, torch the ring. The paper will burn off, but don't worry. Keep the entire ring in the flame. When the entire ring begins to glow pale orange, begin timing. Keep the ring under the flame for 2 minutes. Allow to cool.

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