I paint the dull edge of my knives with a line of red nail polish. This reminds me to hold the blade on this edge, which is usually notched. Some people bake two small pieces of scrap clay positioned near the ends of the blade on the dull edge.

There are small cutter shapes available in almost every design imaginable. I have used this particular oval cutter set (5) by Makin's Clay in this book. I also get a lot of use out of my mini Kemper Pattern Cutters (6).

Texturing tools can be something as simple as a piece of cloth (7) or sand paper (8). I often use a stiff, flat-ended stencil brush (9) or even an old toothbrush (10) for a subtle texture that also takes away the clays natural shine when a matte finish is desired. Various sized double-ended stylus tools (11) are handy for creating dots. Rubber tipped versions can aid in smoothing clay seams.

Rubber stamps (1 2) are available with texture designs as well as Scratch Arts Shade-Tex Rubbing Plates (1 3) which are flexible plastic and come in a large variety of designs.

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