S Zing Clay

As my instructions will direct you to form a c=-~a n*size ball to begin with and then shape Bo- roll it flat. In this case use the chart above. ?ar example, I have called a %-inch (1 Omm) sis call an "extra-small ball," a y^inch (16mm) bci a 'small ball," a %-inch (22mm) ball a V-=d:urn-sized ball" and so on. These are just |ry estimates on how much clay you will need nlban a shape. Do not confuse these sizes with Boec* c sizes listed for a project.

Vcn can use a plastic circle template with seasurements marked on it to accurately gauge pfeenf specific-sized balls of clay. Roll the ball iz ^e approximate size first. If if just fits snugly â– rccgh a hole in the template, it will be that szs- Refer to the template photo on page 75 in sec 1 of the Sicilian Spice Bracelet project.

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