Metal Clay Tools

Here is a basic tool list for working with metal clay. Some of these items you may have around the house c ready, especially if you already work with polymer day. You will use a brass buff burnishing brush (1) and a steel spoon (2) to burnish your clay; an extra-Brie mist spray bottle (3) to keep your metal clay moist while working; olive oil as a release agent; a small handheld butane torch (4) and refill cans of butane (5). >bu will also use a small acrylic roller and small stack o* olaying cards (6); variously sized plastic straws |7); a nonstick crafl sheet (Ranger) (8); a firing block for torch-firing (9); a filing stick/emery board (10)

and fine-grain sandpaper (1 1); a craft blade knife; long fibergrip tweezers (1 2); a small liner paintbrush (1 3); sheets of wet/dry polishing papers (14); small Kemper pattern cutters; and a tapered candle for making rings.

There are some specialty tools you may find yourself using. These include Makin's Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder Stainless Steel Edition for metal clay and adaptor disks (15), liver of sulfur (16); coffee cup warmer or electric warming plate (17); non-stick balm or similar release agent (1 8); steel mesh (19); a metal file (20); and hand conditioner to keep clay from sticking to your hands (21).

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