Polymer clay: White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl

5 round 6mm Swarovski crysta flatback rhinestones

20 square 4mm Swarovski crysj AB flatback rhinestones

4 Light Amethyst 8mm Swarovsl bicone beads

4 Tanzanite 8mm Swarovski bj beads

Metallic rose seed beads

60 Lime Green Vs (3mm) long bugle beads

4 Lime Green Va (6mm) long bugle beads

20 silver 5mm oval jump rings

8 silver 1 long eye pins

Two-part silver toggle clasp

Quick-dry cyanoacrylate glue

Large pointed sewing needle

Double-ended pointed clay toaS

Ceramic baking tile

Pasta machine Craft blade knife Slicing blade Needle-nose pliers

The polymer clay mosaic sections of this bracelet may look time consuming, but in fact, all five pieces took only two hours to create. The technique utilizes small strips of clay positioned onto a clay background, which are then impressed with tile lines which create the illusion of separate tiny tesserae. (I was introduced to this strip mosaic technique in wonderful class I took from Amelia Helm.) To cut the time even further, I have added crystal rhinestones to my collage pieces.

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