White polymer clay

20gm silver pmc3 (metal clay!

Basic metal clay tools (see pa

Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)

Pina a alcohol inks: Passion Pu Sangria, Lime Green, Yellow, Baja Blue and Sapphire Bl

14 sterling silver 3mm beads

7 sterling silver eye pins

4 sterling silver 5mm ovul jump

14" [36cm) long sterling silver (link style)

Sterling silver lobster clasp with

AMACO Bead Baking Rack ( with bead piercing pins, or wire)

Old, soft toothbrush

Knitting needle or wooden sk

Small-ball double-ended stylus

Large index card or piece of cardstock

Make-up applicator

Handheld heat tool

(14mm) oval-shaped pattern cutter

Bowl of ice water

Custom stamp-making kit

Leaf adhesive

Silver leaf

Soft paintbrush

Future floor finish

Nylon-coated pliers

Olive oil


1 Mold the design

Use a home stamp-making kit to create the seahorse stamp, or, if you prefer, purchase a similarly sized stamp to create the mold. Brush olive oil onto the mold, making sure to reach into all of the indentations. Roll a 12-gram lump of pmc3 to a 4-card thickness oval sheet on a ceramic tile. (See page 26). Rub a little olive oil on the clay surface and press clay into the mold. Lift clay and place on tile.

2 Cut out the shape

Cut around the seahorse shape with a lightly oiled craft blade knife, working carefully but quickly. Immediately place the excess clay back into its original airtight container. Use a knitting needle to make a hole V\6n (2mm) from the top and bottom center points and allow the project to dry completely. Carefully sand any rough edges or sharp points and wipe away dust.

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