There are several ways to finish polymer clay jewelry. Baked clay can be left as is, with no finish at all, ■ desired. The projects in this book will suggest a particular finish the choice is really up to you. In some cases you may wish to sand and buff a giece. Use gray or black wet/dry sandpaper for sanding. Place a drop of liquid dish soap (1) into a sink or tub of water. Start out with a lower grit such as 400, and gradually work your way up to a higher grit, dipping your clay piece and the sandpaper in water often. Clean away re clay residue with an old, toothbrush.

After sanding you will want to buff your clay piece with denim (2) or T-shirt fabric or with an electric buffing wheel (3). Use an unstitched muslin wheel on the D.*fer, as felt and other types of wheels will gouge your clay. You can find many resources online with instructions on buffing if you decide on this finish. Akvays wear protective eyewear and follow instructions carefully or your piece will go shooting through ine air and damage whatever is in its path.

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