Beaded Eye Pins

Add four tiny drops of quick-dry cyanoacrylate glue to the back side of the pin bar and press in place. Allow the glue to dry.

L Form a clay strip by rolling an extra-small ball of the same clay color and flatten to approximately Vz2n (Inm) thick. Stamp your signature or the date as desired and cut into a strip just long enough to cover the bar of the pin. Add four tiny drops of quick-dry glue to the bar.

3 To secure the clay strip, press it in place over the pin back bar and smooth the edges. Place the project on a blank index card or piece of cardstock and re-bake for 15 minutes, at the recommended temperature of your clay brand.

¡. Thread the bead(s) onto the eye pin. Clip the pin with wire cutters or the wire cutting area of needle-nose pliers, leaving a Vs" (10mm) straight area beyond the last bead. Notice which direction the original eye pin loop is facing and form the second loop to match. Bend the pin to a 90° angle as close to the last bead as possible. Do not force the pliers into the beads as they may chip or break.

L Measure and mark a reference line '/is" (1mm) from the tip of your round-nose pliers, using a permanent felt-tip pen. Grasp the end of the pin with the pliers, positioning the pin at the marking.

J Rotate the pliers to form a loop in the pin, leaving it slightly open to attach to your project. Slightly open the opposite eye pin loop with needle-nose pliers, to form a hook, so it is ready to be inserted into a project ring or loop. Once secure, close the loop with needle-nose pliers.

These instructions can also be used to create a loop at the end of a head pin.

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