Basic Jewelry Assembly

There is no one, single way to assemble your jewelry pieces. You can add a simple closure, or make one so elaborate it become integral part of the piece.

Whatever you choose to do, there are a few jewelry assembly tools I recommend. Two types of pliers are used to create or bend items in this book: needle nose and round nose. You'll also need eye pins, pin backs, head pins and buna cord or other necklace cords.

Jump rings are essential, and a jump ring tool is a great holding open a jump ring with multiple pairs of pliers.

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There are many ways to finish necklaces. One of my personal favorites when making a clay piece is to continue the theme and design by creating matching end caps. You can mimic cone ends as Melanie Dilday did (bottom and left) to finish off her twisted fiber cords. And Tina Holden created the clever ends with starfish-covered brass ends (right). At times I like to keep the closure simple, but also complement a pendant or bead necklace. For this I add a clay bead to the end of a buna cord and finish the opposite end with a loop that's glued into a clay tube bead (top).

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