Art From Scraps

This unique pin is a great exampie of what you can do with scrap clay. The artist put together scraps with a nice color scheme and then rolled them through her pasta machine. She added digital art using a liquid polymer clay transferring technique and framed her piece with a clay bezel, which is formed around metal cutter shapes and baked. Instant art!

Create your own double-ended pointed clay tool for positioning and pressing stones into clay. Using a Dencil sharpener or 220grit sandpaper, sharpen both ends of a wooden dowel to a dull point. Shape two oay balls into pointed cone shapes. Press one over a zz;/e\ end. Bake as directed and cool down. (Wood Ts safe in an oven at this low temperature.) Press the ┬╗raining clay cone over the other end of the tool. Do not bake this; this is the raw clay end you will use to pick up and position flat-back stones.

Scrap B

Pom Sanders Photo by the artist

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