Metal seed beads can have sharp edges, so use doubled Fireline throughout. Start with 10 lb. test, and switch to 6 lb. test when you use the glass seed beads. Or, if you're using all metal beads, switch to 6 lb. test on the final layer, so your thread isn't as visible.

Base layer

[1] Center a needle oil a length of doubled Fireline 10 lb. test. Leaving a 6-in. (15cm) tail, attach a stop bead (Basics, p. 10).

[2] Pick up four color A 11» seed beads, and form a ring by sewing through the first bead. Working in right-angle weave

(Basics), create a row that is six four-bead units wide. [3] Continue in right-angle weave until you have a band that is six four-bead units wide and 70 rows long. To join the ends, pick up an A. Sew through the corresponding A in the first row, pick up an A, and sew through the A you just exited in row 70. Continue through the first A picked up in this step and the next edge A in row 1 (figure 1). Continue stitching in right-angle weave, adding one A per stitch, until the join is complete (figure 2).

Second layer

[1] To build the foundation for the second layer, exit an edge 11" at figure 3, point a.

[2] Pick up an A, and sew through the next 115 in the row (b-c), pulling the thread tight until the A clicks into place. Continue to the end of the row (c-d), adding a total of five As. Sew through two edge 1l°s to begin the next row (d-e).

[3] Repeat step 2 (photo a) until you've added second-layer foundation beads to the length of the bangle.

[4] Sew through the bead-work to exit one of the ll's added in step 3. Pick up an A, and sew through a foundation 11° parallel to the 11° your thread is exiting (figure 4, a-b).

[5] Pick up an A, and sew back through all four ll°s, pulling tight (b-c and photo b).

[6] Continue in modified right-angle weave to finish the row, adding one bead at a time and sewing through the foundation layer to complete each stitch (c-d).

[7] To complete the second layer, repeat steps 4-6 for the length of the bangle.

Third layer

The third foundation layer is sewn lengthwise to strengthen the band.

[1] Secure a length of Fireline 6 lb. test in the bcad-

[2] Pick up a color B 11» and sew through the next second-layer A along the length of the bangle (a-b), pulling tightly to click the B into place.

[3] Repeat step 2, adding Bs until you reach the end of the column (b-c).

[4] Stitch through to the next parallel column, and repeat steps 2 and 3 (c-d) to make a total of four B foundation columns circling the bracelet (photo c).

[5] Sew through the bcad-work to exit a foundation B. Pick up a B, and working in modified right-angle weave, fill in the third layer as in steps 4-6 of the second layer (photo d). Repeat for the


Smoke-colored Fire-line works particularly because its dark gray color recedes into the beadwork, appearing as a patina rather than as an obtrusive white thread.

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Fourth layer

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Fourth layer

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