Wire Techniques

Loops and jump rings: opening and closing

[1] Hold a loop or a jump ring with two pairs of pliers.

[2] To open the loop or jump ring, bring the tips of one pair of pliers toward you, and push the rips of the other pair away from you. Reverse the steps to close the open loop or jump ring.

Loops, plain

[1] Using chain-nose pliers, make a right-angle bend approximately lA in. (6 mm) from the end of the wire.

[2] Grip the lip of the wire with roundnosc pliers. Press downward slightly, and rotate the wire into a loop.

[3] Let go, then grip the loop at the same placc on the

one wire is on each side of the dent.

[3] Place the crimp bead in the front hole of the pliers, and position it so the dent is facing the tips of the pliers. Squeeze the pliers to fold the crimp in half.

[4] l ug on the wires to ensure that the crimp is secure.

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jaw fits snugly in the loop. Curve the wire downward around the bottom jaw of the pliers. This is the first half of a wrapped loop.

[5] To complete the wraps, grasp the top of the loop with chainnose pliers.

[6] Wrap the wire around the stem two or three times. Trim the cxccss wire, and gently press the cur end close to the wraps with chainnose pliers, o

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