Take design cues from the nature of a bead

¿¿Signed by Maggie Roschyk

Rings of seed beads surround rippled art-glass disk beads, creating a transition from one bead type to the other.


• 5-10g15vJapanese seed

necklace 23 in. (58 cm)

Deads in each of 3-5 colors

• art-glass disk beads

• nylon boadmg thread, size D

35 mm (large)

• beading needles, «»12

6 20-25 mm (msdium)

• 6x6-in. (15x 15cm)p®oe

6 13-18 mm (smai)

of beading foundation, such

• 4 8 mm pearls

as Pel Ion or Lacy's Stiff Stuff

• 43-50 3 mm gomstone

• 6x6-ln. <15 x 15 cm) piece


of soft leather, suede, or

• 1-7 3 mm drop beads



• craft knife

• 5-10 g 11* seed and/or

• E6000 adhesive

hex-cut beads in each of

• permanent markers to

3-5 colors

match seed beads

• 5-10 g 11« cylinder beads

• therm 0 Web Peel'n'stick

in each of 3-5 colors

double-sided adhesive

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