[2] Work a figure 8 turn at the end of row 3: Pick up the next-to-last bead (#7), and sew through ft2, then (a-b). Pick up the last bead of the row (#8), and sew through #2, #3, #7, #2, #l, and US (b-c).

[3] You can work this turn at the end of each odd-numbered row, but this edge will be stiffer than the other. Instead, in subsequent odd-numbered rows, pick up rhc last bead of the row, then sew under the thread bridge immediately below. Sew back through the last bead added to begin the next row.


Tubular peyote stitch follows the same stitching pattern as flat peyote, bur instead of sewing back and forth, you work in rounds.

[1] Start with an even number of beads in a ring.

[2] Sew through the first bead in during. Pick up a bead, skip a bead in the ring, and sew through rhc next bead. Repeat to complete the round.

[3] You need to step up to be in position for the next round. Sew through the first bead added in round 3 (a-b). Pick up a bead, and sew through

the second bead in round 3 (b-c). Repeat to achieve the desired length.


Circular peyote is also worked in continuous rounds like tubular pcyotc, but the rounds stay flat and radiate outward from the center as a result of increases or using larger beads. If the rounds do not increase, the edges will curve upward.


Two-drop peyote follows the same stitching pattern as basic flat or tubular peyote, but you work with pairs of beads instead of single beads.

Start with an even number of beads divisible by four. Pick up two beads (stitch l of row 3). skip two beads, and sew through the next two beads. Repeat across the row or round.

Zipping up or joining

To join two sections of a flat pcyotc piece invisibly, match up the two pieces so the end rows fit together. "Zip up" the pieces by zigzagging through the up-beads on both ends.



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