base to create the first two rows of peyote. Three holes will be created as you stitch the flaps to provide spaces for the clasp wires.

[1] Add a comfortable length of thread, and exit the farst stack of Bs in the ladder, with the thread exiting toward the center of the bracelet (figure 5, a-b). Pick up a B, and sew through the next two Bs in the ladder (b-c). The B just added will sit between the first two stacks ol Bs. Repeat (c-d) to the end of the ladder of Bs (d-e), adding a total of seven anchor beads.

[2] Sew up through one B (figure 6, a-b), and sew under the thread bridge between the B your thread is exiting and the B next to it (b-c). Sew back through two

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