Figure 6

Back view

Wrapped chain

[5] Repeat steps 2-4 at the other point of connection.

[6] Cut a 20-in. (51 cm) piece of cord. l:old ir in half, and attach it to the top center of the pendant frame with a mounting hitch. Over both cords, string rhe accent beads and the art-glass bead (photo k), fitting the beads within the frame. Note: The holes of rhe beads must be large enough to accommodate four thicknesses of cord. If rhe holes are too small, you may substitute a thinner cord for this part of the necklace.

[7] Loop the cords around the bottom center of the pendant frame, and sew back through all rhe beads, exiting behind the top mounting knot. Loosen the beads if necessary when sewing through rhe beads, and reposition and tighten the cord when finished.

[8] Make a tight overhand knot (Basics) with rhe cords just above the top bead, making sure the knot doesn't show from the front of the piece. The knot should be large enough so that it doesn't slide back through the beads. Tighten rhe knot, and trim the cord near the knot.

If you used a thinner cord for this portion, you may want to reinforce the connection: Loop the cord.*» over the top wire, and sew back through the top bead. Make an overhand knot around the cords going through the beads, and sew through the next bead. Repeat to tie anorhcr knor, dot rhe knors wirh G-S Hypo Cement, and trim the cords.

[9] Align the pendant frame below the two side components, positioning the components equidistant from the center of the pendant. Attach the components to the pendant as in steps 2-4.

[10] Work as in steps 2-4 to sccure the spots on rhe side components that nearly touch (photo I).

[11] Attach the S hook clasp to the loop at each end of rhe necklace (photo m). o

Macramé basics

Mounting hitch

[1] Place a folded cord behind the wire you want to attach it to. bending the looped end over the wire and positioning the tails behind the wire. [2J Guide the tails through the loop m the cord, and [xill tight.

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