[3] Pick up a 4 mm bicone crystal, a 6 mm crystal rondelle, and 50 15°s. Work a row of peyote stitch back over rhc 50 15as (photo a). Work another row of peyote stitch, but pick up two I59s per stitch (photo b).

[4] String the long stitched scrip through a large disk head, and sew through the crystals and an end 15° in the short stitched strip (photo c). Sew through the adjacent 15®, back through the crystals, and an end 15° in the long strip (photo d).

[5] Remove the stop bead, and end the tail (Basics). With the working thread, sew back through the crystals and the short strip to exit an end 15".

[6] Repeat steps 1-5 with the remaining large disks, but, in step 2, make longer strips by picking up 10 more I5°s for each disk, so you have 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-bead strips. Use the largest disk with the longest strip, and alternate materials necklace 16 in. (41 cm) with 7-in. (18 cm) fringe

• art-gtess disk beads

9 small to medium in7 1.6-2.2 cm diameter)

• round art-glass beads 20 mm

14 mm

• 20-25 5 mm tapered bicone crystals

• 50-60 4 mm bicone ciyslals In a mix of colors

• 25-30 g 8° Japanese seed beads •7 g 15® Japanese seed beads in each of 5 or 6 colors

• Fireline 6 lb. tost or nylon beading thread, size D

the colors of 15°s and crystals to coordinate with the disks as desired.

[7] To make fringe with a small to medium disk, repeat steps 1 and 2. Pick up a 4 mm, a small or medium disk, and enough 15*s to make a loop through the disk, and sew back through the bicone and an end 15" of the peyote strip (photo e). Retrace the thread path through the loop, and sew through the beadwork to exit an end 15°.

[8] Remove the stop bead, and end the tail.

[9] Work as in steps 7 and 8 with six more small to medium disks (reserve two similarly sized disks for later), but make the strips of various lengths by picking up a different even number of beads for each strip.

figure 4

Core and assembly

[1] On l'/j yd. (1.4 m) of thread, attach a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail.

[2] Pick up 24 8» seed beads, then work a row of peyotc stitch using one 8° per stitch. Work another row of peyotc using two 8"'s per stitch.

[3] Remove the stop bead, and end the tail but not rhe working thread.

[4] Arrange all the disk dangles along the core of 8vs, positioning them as desired (photo f). Using the remaining thread from a disk dangle, sew through a bead in the core and back into the dangle (photo g), then sew through the beadwork to retrace the thread path between the core and the dangle a few times. End the thread. Repeat with the remaining dangles, but leave a few threads for later.

Neck strap

[1] On a comfortable length of thread, attach a stop bead, leaving a 10-in. (25 cm) tail.

[2] Pick up an even number of X9 seed beads to equal approximately 9 in. (23 cm).

[3] Using one 89 per stitch, work in peyote stitch for 1 in. (2.5 cm), then pick up an even number of 8ws to equal 8 in. (20 cm). This creates a split between the two sides of the neck strap (photo h).

[4] Picking up one 89 per stitch, work in peyote stitch back along the 8as until you get to the split.

[5] Continue in peyote around the 1-in. (2.5 cm) section, but pick up two S'-'s per stitch (figure 2, a-b). Repeat on the other side of the 1-in. (2.5 cm)

section (b-c), ending and adding thread (Basics) as needed.

[6] Continue in peyote, picking up one 8" per stitch along the rest of the first side.

[7] Work a row of peyote back the other way, but pick up two or three 8*s per stitch. When you reach the split, sew through the beadwork to the other side of the 1-in. (2.5 cm) section without adding beads. Complete the second side by working one more row, picking up two or three 8-s per stitch.

[8] To add a clasp bead, pick up three I5°s, a 5 mm tapered bicone crystal, the 14 mm round art-glass bead, a 5 mm, and three 15®S. Skip the 15°s, and sew back through the 5 mm, art-glass bead, 5 mm, three 15% and the adjacent end S- in the strap (figure 3).

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