A unique hand stamped naja displaying a Iree form cut turquoise. 1975.

Beadwork Made Naja

A turquoise covered necklace ' probably Zuni Indian made about 1920. It has a Navajo made clasp of v unique Wy stamped desr

A beautiful sliver squash blossom necklace of the 1940s.

made about 1970.

squash blossom necklace V^ ol Persian turquoise with no t)

visible kNt&v "blossoms'

the squash blossom necklace

A unique hand stamped naja displaying a Iree form cut turquoise. 1975.

is unique necklace was originated by the Navajo from three fore elements. The silver beads were evidently evolved from two button halves soldered together to make a bead. The buttons were from Spanish clothing decoration. The

"squash blossom" was evidenlly copied from the silver pomegranate blossom seen on the trousers of men from Granada, Spain. The naja or crescent shaped pendant was borrowed from the Spanish horse headstall or bridle which in turn was adopted from the Moors who probably got it by way of the Middle East, possibly from Mongolia, it was known in many early civilizations: the earliest are solid gold najas found in stone age graves in Ireland. Whatever the origins, the Navajo had the great ability to combine these elements into a beautiful piece of jewelry and the other Indians of the Southwest improved upon it.

An interesting type naja developed about 1925 and popular only for about a 10 year period.

A squash blossom photographed he University of Arizona perimental Farm.

A Navajo naja covered with bluegreen turquoise from the Blue Gem Mine.

the graduated stamped bead choker

The beads are domed by using several different cups in the dapping blocks for each bead until the bead is the right size. This is to avoid wrinkling or crimping the edges.

A multiple cavity steel ^ dapping ^ block f \ used to dome buttons and beads.

Only one center bead of the largest size ** made.

13/16 inch

/ Round dapping punches can be obtained singly or in sets of 36.

Each bead is filed on a flat file to fit evenly with the other.

This popular necklace is made by using five different sizes of 28 gauge round silver blanks. First the stamping is done around the edge of each circle. They are domed in the dapping block and holes are punched In the center of each. This can be done with a small sheet metal punch or with a sharp pointed hand punch and the burr filed off. Narrow strips of silver solder are cut and placed between each pair of ^ halves with ample flux and soldered, -v/ The edge where the soldering fa" was done is tiled smooth arid the beads are polished.

5 usually by ftrst stringing on a short piece of Iron wire

The -V graduated ' embossed bead choker. ■

graduated bead or button dies made of klrkstie" especially for , '* * a graduated \

five different ^ . size bead fr , choker.

The punches are steel

The discs or blanks need lo be about 1/8 inch larger than the finished bead as the dapping bends the metal In a fraction of an inch. For instance lo make a 7/8 inch bead It would take a 1 inch blank.

A graduated plain bead cho made about 1932

Silver solder In wire form the embossed bead choker

The small button punch and die sel Is used to make these beads which results in a necklace of beads all the same size.

are cut from 28 gauge JK\JT A

silver sheet and punched ^ Cfx into the button die. This results in beads about S/8 inch in diameter, k The cupped blanks are filed, the ^ jft ^ center hole is punched fS^.j and the halves are soldered together. >5^ Afler pickling, the edges are filed and

JCertain styles JL JL. of beads look toN^l better if tiny beads^fo ^ are strung between V ¿ach of the larger ^

fe^ beads. These small solid ^ttW ^ ogads can be made by winding 9^auge 1/2 inch round silver wire \\[//> around a small nail and cutting ^rA them apart with a slitting saw and,*!®

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