The Silver Band Ring

Turquoise Ring Made Indians

the die stamped bracelet

This bracelet was the type first made by the Navajo Indians of the Southwest tl is one of the simplest bracelets to make and requires only a few tools to complete. It Is attractive and can be worn equally well by both men and women, and is often worn in pairs. It was probably the first type to be set with turquoise and can be set with one or even dozens of stones.

This bracelet is basically a strip of 1 gauge silver cut to wrist size.

' M is shaped by '(. trimming ■ off triangles ol silver as shown to make

It taper toward the ends.

Dies are chosen and the design stamped on. The bracelet is benl or formed over a mandrel.

If It is designed for a stone, the bezel and Iwisted wire decoration are soldered directly onlo the bracelet usually without making a plate.

Always remove the iron binding wire from a piece that has been soldered before placing It in the acid pickle. Any iron entering the acid solution when a piece ol silver Is presenl will cause a coating of copper to be plated onto the silver, which is very difficult to . remove.

In all cases, after soldering, the piece of silver must be placed In an acid solulion to clean and remove melted flu*. This is called pickling.

The stone is set, the design darkened and the bracelet buffed and polished.

This bracelet was purchased from a Navajo Indian In Antonilo, Colorado In 1929.

The bracelet is trimmed and 3mall dies are used to outline the design around and between the roseltes.

A |ewelers saw is used to cut out around the stamping and the edges are filed round.

the embossed bracelet

The lavish use oi male and female button and concha dies is the heart of this type of design and attains the peak of Ihe art of stamp and die work. The use of smaller dies Outlining the embossed design makes a very pleasing combination.

V The large button die rosette is first stamped In the center, a smaller W button die is stamped at each end and a medium size button die stamped between the farge and small rosettes.

A rawhide mallet is used to bend the bracelet around the mandret.

The bracelet is butted and polished.

A strip of 16 gauge silver 1'b inches wide and S'A inches long is used to form this heavy bracelet.

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