The Navajo Concha Belt Buckle

A piece of 18 gauge silver sheet is cut 2 inches by 2V».The center is marked and the belt opening marked 1 Inch by inches.

a 2 sets of bicurvate dies are selected to make the main design.

Female bicurvate leal-like embossing dies.

A hole KS is drilled lo accommodate a jewelers saw blade and a jewelers saw is used to |»il out the opening for thebal^

The female is struck first on Ihe face of the buckle and then the ~ ..-¿g. male die is punched trom Ihe back forming Ihe embossed design.

The buckles on the very y»1 early concha belts were quite small and rather In-conspicuous compared with ^ the conchas. After a few years, however, they were made as large or larger than the conchas. In some of the early photographs of Navajos around 1900, many larger buckles are shown being worn—some even alone on belts without conchas.

A piece of 14 gauge round wire is cut wider than the belt opening, the ends flattened and this bsr Is soldered across in the cenler ol the underside of i the belt opening, f

The stones are selected, bezels are made and soldered on the buckle.

The stones are set and the buckle polished.

A tongue Is made of a piece of 10 gauge 1/2 round sliver wire bent round on one end to fit the cross bar and rounded on the other.

Stamps and Dies, courtesy of Tucker Tool Co., Prescotf, Arizona

Viking Knit Tool

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