The Multiple Stone Ring

The multiple stone ring is essentially Ihe same as Ihe single slqne ring except fhe shank in mast cases should be heavier and sometime* wHi be made with a three prong shank rather than two.


The mans style ring Is usually larger and heavier than other types of rings and quite Irequenlty the stones are rectangular or square.

This Is a broken paring knife which Is a very useful tool to the silversmith. In this case it Is used to spread the shank segments when the shank Is being held in a vise.

A die of proper r^' ^...triangular design is stamped Into each of the triangular pieces which are then soldered onto the shank and tiled lo fit.

Two triangular pieces ot 20 gauge silver are cut lo fit over the , i spread shank. -5

The shank Is then formed around a mandrel and filed liat to fit the piate.

A piece of 16 gauge silver ot the correct length is cut about 1/4 Inch wide. It is marked, 9awed and spread with a broken knlie.

The plate is trimmed and soldered onto the shank.

The stone Is set and the ring polished.

A stone Is chosen, a beiei is made and soldered onto a plate with two pieces ot decoration for each side. In this case it Is two short pieces ot stamped triangle wire.

A rawhide mallei its used lo form the silver band around a ring mandrel.

The strip Is bent around a ring mandrel and soldered.

The ring should be hammered to perfect roundness after soldering

A piece of 16 gauge silver !s cut 1/2 inch wide and i ong enough to fit aroundfl the finger. /j

The design is stamped onto the strip while flat

The design la darkened and the ring bufled and polished,

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