The Motherinlaw Bell

The mother-in-law bell was probably one of the first things Ihe Navajo silversmith learned to make Irom the Mexicans,

A mother-in-law beil can be made by cutting a 2-tnch

Vmaltese cross shaped piece ol silver from I 24 gauge sheet silver.

A serpent on an arrow pin of the early 1920's.

After stamping a * design on it, bend it into Ihe form of a square bell. The edges are then soldered together.

punched into 1 the top center to }

4 insert a double ring 4 10 hold the bell and ^ ' the tiny clapper. This 1 ■ <j hook is soldered into place, mti'':''',^' '' A*

Tiny bells from coins or silver : quarters hammered or punched into depressions in wood.

Early bells made from silver quarters.

They were worn in dances by both men and women and at all times by women to warn their sons-in-law Of ^

their presence, as it was taboo for a Navajo man to look directly into the face of his mother-in-law

.rth';. :■ » A small clapper It made l»m ffi gauge wire and hooknf

A dress ornament to be sewn onto a blouse or skirt.

These porn its are usually meant to be worn on chains.

This pendan is open on both sides!

A drop shape stone is selected and a bezel Is made and soldered onto a plate of 24 gauge silver.

A very attractive way to wear a pendant is with a bead necklace.

Gauge Bezel Wire

A drop shape stone is selected and a bezel Is made and soldered onto a plate of 24 gauge silver.

The loop to hang the pendant by is made from a**

piece ol 9 gauge 1/2 round wire flattened on | the end and soldered to the back of the pendant.

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