Stamping Triangle

The problem of stamping a design on triangle wire is solved by cutling a Irian shaped slot with a ha< in a piece ot railroad

Triangle bracelet segments are easily stamped and assembled.

The slot should be cut so one face of the triangle wire is flat while stamping, which makes one face vertical.

setting (jr MOUNTING .4 h ION i

After the

A curved burnisher.

ade and O sioi ady a piece of thin cardboard is cut to pad the ne. Depending ojjbn the thickness ol ..._ stone, several layers o^cardboard can be used tc | niake the stone high enough A ring stone should be set lr clamp. ^^^ lht' beze! just high enough "jl ^Sfcplhesilver, when formedoi The silver can be filed off thetbp of crimped around thi the bezel if il is too high belore setting stone, will be ben1

stone. The stone Is placed onllje cardboard m^over the curvec the bezel and, with the thumb holding It down, -sitiei.just enoucj h the bezel is carefully crimped around the stone, to hold the stone. A burnisher is used to smooth the lop of the 59

Brickstitch Rose Earrings

Safetyglasses oi then buffing D a position kit. If this nury to Bibject^^

When soldering silver, it is necessary to palnl a flux on protecting the surface from oxidizing and causes these

"" _" the Burface ol solution GaUaAa^JcW^^^^^^.

SU Lfu"1'



Suilurlc acid can be used, one part acid to about 10 parts water Sparex powder in water cleans very well and is safer to use. . V



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