Silver Wire Bracelets

How To Make Fork Bracelets and Necklaces

How to Make Fork Bracelets

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The round wire bracelet Is made by cutting two lengths of 8 gauge round sliver wire and a length of twlaled wire J

which should /)

be about the /,'/ same diameter yjV / of the solid A'/ wire, A*/

A bezel is made lor the slone and soldered onlo the plate. This is in turn soldered onto the wire bracelet shank, and pickled after each soldering operation.

The stone Is set and the bracelet buffed and polished.

The side pieces of wire are bent out to fit the size of the stone and the three are soldered together using a piece ol silver bent to form an angle to hold the ends.

These four bracelets are only a few of the many possible designs using the wire bracelet shank

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