Silver Casting

Using a torch tor melting (he silver In a ceramic crucible.

in some molds a piece of line binding wire can be shaped around Ihe design to make the silver thicker and have a more perfect

The design is marked on one lace and Itien carved Into the surface. A gate or channel must be cut in both surface* to act as a funnel lor the liquid metal. The surface of both molds Is heated and smoked or covered with a layer of carbon or sool.

A Naja mold which haB produced a large numbei ol castings. ^^fl

The silver should look like this }ust before '¡pouring.

The excess silver Is then sawed olf and the casting tiled and polished.

A sufficient quant crucible to a very liquiTM l to eleandhe surface of wie melted sliver mul innthe mold. The torcH \ the pouring

The Navajo cast silver ornaments by making a two-piece stone mold of tuff or tufa which is found in many places on the reservation. Two pieces are cut with knives, files or a hack saw large enough to accommodate Ihe object to b* cast and from 1-1/2 inches to 2 Inches thick. They are flattened on Ihe facet first with a file or rasp and then by rubbing together until they fit perfectly.

ready lor polishing.


Silver Tufa Molds

Bracelets cast In stone molds.

A button mold of thM type is the easiest toA carve and the most ; successful in making A a number of castings*]

Self Made Silver Juwelery

is punches used to stamp designs o; self. They were almost always made led in order lo work them and ihc

Pieces ot steel being placed under plasleror lime lor cooling.

'i The rhe nnbressions oi Indian designs around the hordes were made by stamii^belongihg to a number ot early silversmiths .

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