One Half Round Wire Long Link Chain

This chain Is made from 12 gauge 1/2 round silver wire, wound around a 1/2 Inch copper mandrel.

The formed wire is s I Ipped from the mandrel and each link snipped or sawed st the end.

A number of links are soldered and then two links are joined by a third link,

These sections ot three links each are joined until the chain is / j . ot proper J length.

This chain is made by winding 18 gauge round wire around a 7/8 Inch mandrel made from a piece of flattened copper tubing.

Each link is soldered separately.

To f I nlsh. a hook is sol de red on one end and an eyelet on the other.

Each link is bent into a figure eight by the use of round nose pliers. Then each figure eight Is bent In the middle to form a double loop.

The origin of v Thl* 19 the 'VP® chain that wu this chain goes u««1 on Spanish and Mexican back many hundreds jackets and trousers to fasten of years. This design, the popular pomegranate known throughout the which later

Middle East, was popular v; ^ become the with the Moors and later with Navajo squash the early Spanish. It was made In blossom, both silver end gold and was known >\ , as the money chain as It is fairly V „ X easy to remove a link or a number o! L< links and use In place of money. uM

Each link is hooked Into the toop of another link without soldering so that any number ol links could be easily added or removed.

Easy removal of links la prevented by soldering at both end» round links with hook and eye.

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chain making

NThis chain is made by winding / Iwo different sizes of wfre /

around two different / A piece mandrels, / of 1/8 x

/ / / 1/2 Inch ftfa / \ / / slrap Iron has To make the round 'tyh,/ > / been used links, 16 gauge round ^ i^F as a mandrel wire Is wound around a " ,or mol(*n9

wooden dowel but this //in the lon9 lints-

could easily be a nail (/J which are or any round object. made from 12

f+S-t gauge round wire.

This chain Is made by winding 14 gauge 1/2 round wire around a 3/8 Inch copper mandrel and a different link made by >

twisting two pieces / ol 20 gauge wire together and then wind-ing It around a 1/2 inch copper mandrel.

These copper mandrels were made by flattening pieces of copper tubing.

The wire is removed from the mandrels and sawed or snipped into links. /

The windings are removed and sawed or snipped at Ihe ends ot the links.

The large links are soldered separately and hammered flat < using the round end of a bail peen hammer I that has been smoothed i and polished.

All the twisted wire links are soldered first.

Only the porlion of the middle ot each link is flattened and then a row of small circles are punched on each side of each link.

Then the 1/2 round wire links are sotdered between each twisted wire link until Ihe desired length Is achieved.

*V The large links are i j joined together by ^ soldering the round ring between each link.

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