Make A Native American Keto Or Bow Guard

Wire Guards For Jewelry Making

the keto or bow guard

The bowstring guard around «he wrist for protection from the snap of the bowstring has been a comoanion to the archer since the invention oLjhe bow_ _____

AH the Indians, but especially the Navajo have used this item as a subject for beautifut decoration since they learned how to work silver. At present archery is almost unknown among Ihe Indians but the Keto has endured and gained great prominence as it is being worn ceremonially in almost all Southwestern Indian dances. Ketos probably lend themselves to the greatest variety ol design more than any other item ol Indian jewelry.

A stone is selected and a bezel is made which is soldered in the center of the plate.

The Keto is slightly curved by hammering over a bracelet mandrel.

After pickling, the stone Is set end the Keto polished.

3-3/8 FotJr pieee4 of 4 gauge 'neb«*;. iriangie wirb are cul lramelike and soldered around the eW a! the ptate. The ends are slighWy

■ (aliened by hammering add hen filed to a taper point. :our other short pieces of riangfo wire are dipped o* awed boaf shape and all fight fitted and soldered into iho plate, then tfeahed n acid pickle.

^^ Another tube It »1144*; fllinhliy larger than the spout ' O with a taünd lop and a ring, to form the cap.

A spot of about i/4 Inch long la left unsoldered. This is expanded to HI the spout by forcing round nose pliers Into theilll between the halves and twisting. vO'yMö

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