Id Files were usually broken Into three pieces by clamping in a vice with about three inches of file protruding above the vice |aws. A cloth was wrapped

»roun d I his portion in cast- piece Mew Otf. This third was broken oM by striking with a hammer and was c repealed with Ihe other third. The ends were ground square on an emery wheel, then softened by heating to a cherry red and covered with plaster or lime (or several hours to let the steel cool very slowly

' ■■" ' T 1 '• t Four steps In making a stamp. The end ol a haH round file i9 flattened and trued or made degt to the long a*ls of I he stamp. The shape Of the curve Is filed on the- outside with a flit file and on the Inside Willi a hall round file. small notches

;ii'. fik>don the iniftOBcurve with a tiny round Mi-edit tilt. Then a number 1 checkering Ilk is used to Hte iht? tiny serrations In the outside curve

A piece ot round Hie is filed Hat or trued on the end and a jbiflll punch is used to mark the center A 3f 16 inch hole is Allied in lh< end about V16 Inch deep A tiny slilting lite is used lf> II* i ' serrations around I he ouisiaV edge-.

A inangle file is flattened on the end. A small triangle file is used 10 file a notch, mitkkig a V-shaped punch. Serrations are made ori the outside of the V with a number 1 checkering file.

l jal fcir

There are 35B shown here and it was unvsual for any silversmith to have more than j

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