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the melon bead necklace

The melon bead was originally known as the melon seed bead.

These elongated silver beads are made of 28 gauge silver strips punched into boat v, shaped cavities in a die with a punch of the same shape. This punch and die set is the same kind that is used to emboss and decorate many items of Q Navajo jewelry. ^

Silver bead fr necklaces are usually strung on foxtail cord.

After punching, the halves are trimmed usually with small snips, the edges filed flat and pairs soldered together. It is usually easier to solder these with wire solder. *

Just a touch to the fluxed and heated bead halves does it

A melon seed bead necklace with small conical beads between each one.

Info Indian Jewelry


The sliver band bracelet became the watchband bracelet by the substitution of the time piece for the center turquoise setting. This piece ol jewelry has become very popular with men who sometimes hesitate to wear a bracelet.

A piece of 16 gauge silver sheet Is cut 1-1/2 Inches wide by 6 inches long, marked with the outline and sawed out with ■ jewelers saw.

Two pieces of 9 gauge 1/2 round silver wire are cut a nd bent to I It the ou Nine an d th e n sol dered onto the

Stones are selected and bezels made andi the decorations are cut out. These ara usually made of 22 or 24 gauge sheet.

Two pieces of 22 gauge silver sheet are cut slightly larger and stamped and tiled. These pieces are bent over the watch pins after the watch Is put on.

Two pieces of 24 gauge silver aheet 5/6 Inch by 1/2 inch arc cut lor bending over to ** hold onto the watch pins. J

This stamp is used to make the curved design on the applique leaf.

These two pieces are soldered vertically onto the band at the same time by holding with the "third hand," with a piece of 1/2 round silver wire as a spacer In between. Care should be taken to measure the size of the watch, so as to get these positioned correctly.

The stones are set, the band Is polished, the watch put on and the decoration carefully bent over the ends ot the watch to hide Ihe pins.

Courtesy ol Tom Bahti Indian Arts, Tucson, Arizona

Womens expanding watch bracelets. This style has rings soldered onto the ends to fit both the watch and the expanding band

be made for decoration by draAing^fhe shape on 22 gauge silver sheet, sowing them v out, soldering a piece of gauge curved i silver wire down the center of each and stamping Jg curved veining on each. They can be domed on a wooden block.

Pieces of 9 gauge silver tubing are then m soldered to fit the watch on the ends i' opposite the slits.

Two pieces of 1fl guegc silver shoel 1-1/2 inches by 1-1/B inches ;ire rui and tapered to about 1 inch on one end.

Two pieces of number 6 half round bead wire are Cut and soldered to the sides.

A slit is cut with1 a jewelers saw to lit the end of the expanding band. The bands are bent or shaped over ihe bracelet mandrel wilh the rawhide mallet.

The stones are selected and bezels are made before t soldering them on. if The bezels musl be filed curved or concave^ on Ihe under side to fit the curvature of the band

The stones are set, the finished bands are antiqued and Ihen polished.

the expanding watch brägel

Ready for the expanding watchband to be added and later the watch.

Men's expanding watch bracelet

Courtesy ol Tom Bahti Indian Arts, Tucson, Arizona


This strictly commercial item was made only on order from (he trader.

Two pieces of 24 gauge sheet silver are cut 1-3/B inches by 1-7/8 Inches and notched at the corners.

One shou Id b e cut si igh I ly sm alJer th a n the o th e r and b ent sligh I ly a m alter lo be the bottom-

The top Is stamped with fij a design and embossed by H

mil tie by «awing, grinding and Nil ng apiece of steel

(o the sh ape desired tor the top.

The bottom li bent or formed in a vice over • hardwood block, cut to the correct size. The comers are soldered.

To make the female die, this is pressed into a can lid of melted lead fust before Ihe lead cools and harden*. The pill box top Is placed over the lead die and the steel block Is hammered Into It embossing the lop,

Two Short strips about 1/8 inch long ot 12 gauge tubing are soldered on ihe back edge of the top. See Page 43.

The edges are ben I over Ihe steel die and then soldered after it in removed from the die or form.

Two pieces ot 16 gauge wire are put through the pieces of tubing and benl V-shaped.

The lid Is put on the bottom or bate of Ihe box and the ends of Ihe *4rti soldered to the bottom. Extreme care must be taken to only «older the end»of the wire to (he box. It too much heat Is applied, the wire wilt be «oldered Into ito (ubing and a fid that does not open will result.

The box Is pickled, antiqued, and polished.

Larger pllf boxes lor larger pill*

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