Hair Ornaments

^ Twisted wire decoration is soldered onto 26 * gauge silver plate ■J| and then fastened to the comb.

An old comb of about 1925 vintage A P^r o' Almost Spanish In style, ornamental hairpins can be made by cutting 2 attractive horseshoe shaped pieces Irom 22 gauge silver sheet

Recently the Indians f have made the inexpensive plastic comb into a piece of Jewelry by adding a plate of ornamented silver along the top. The early combs were all silver but proved to be too heavy to stay in place In the hair

A design is stamped around the edge using a small crescent fl and a dot die. The deBign is 1 outlined by filing scallops t around the outer edge. 1

Commercial combs are used and a 'w^wpsi strip of 24 or 26 gauge silver plate is cut to fit the comb. It can be plain, |'<li h I 1 I ll stamped or ornamented with 1 V \| 1 \ \ y J \(\ V 'j [ turquoise. The best way of fastening A the finished |*a ornament alp late to the com bis to solder 2 * short pieces of thin wall silver tubing to V | the back of the plate near the ends; drilling holes in the comb that fit snugly on the ^«tftt^^ tube: then spreading the ends of the tube al^^tBBmso as to rivet the comb securely In place.

2 strips oil 8 gauge silver ^B g

\ plate about 1/4 Inch wide m g and 3 Inches long are m g

M jft the legs of the plate. Atter 1|

- ■ ""I llT^iB soldering, each leg is held mj

carefully twisted W

/ hold more securely in / the hair than just / straight pieces. The This clip pin barrette Is made In / ends are clipped and filed the elongated shape of a silver / slightly pointed, leather. A plate ol 22 gauge/ silver 3/4 inch wide and about 5 Inches long Is cut in the shape of a leather and a piece of 8 gauge 1/2 round silver wire is filed, tapered to point and soldered down the center. A design is stamped with a plain, slightly curved die and the tube ¿C^^Tk.

and catch soldered onto the jjTjlJL^T^

back. Alter pickling, antiquing and polishing, a special pin of i /jhLjgi spring wire is pul through the [ * ^

short tubing and bent to shape.

"This is a very barrett made In France, which ff\ comes In several sizes. Usually il has '' j^O&Hk a plastic front which can easily be removed, the V '^wt^iiSlmC3!

clip drilled, number of different kinds of ^-„i^^Mb attractive silver plates riveled to the tront

A pair of I I attractive ' ' hairpins made from 20 gauge silver sheet.

The stones are set and the hairpins polished.

Indian Jewellery Ornaments

A piece Is cul out of the bottom section about 1/4 inch wide to Form a »lot. The width of this slot determines the size of the hole to acce m modate a I a rge or smalt amount ol heir. The larger the slot the smaller the hole and the steeper the shape of the cone when It Is fastened around the hair.

/ Scallops are cut or hied outlining the stamped

Worn an s Size

Teenage Size

Child Size

9 are shaped and soldered onto the ol a regular punch or nalt sel and then the " Joint soldered. A number of dliferent bofo tips can be made by stride ring on different^: kinds of beads with a silver ball on the tip. These tips ale easily held on even without ■.; glue {rubber cemenT) by cutting or ffllng': notches in the top end and crimping securely around the leather cord

V piece of Ivcr sheet /4 inches wide by <2 Inchafe ¡frig is cuty ¡to use as a basei.

the same size as above.

Indian Hair Ornaments

The velvet blouse is probably a direct descendant of the early Spanish velvet shirt, I so admired * and loved by £ became a part of their traditional ^ costume.

- jnd ■ »mall crescent die Is stamped completely around _ he outside ot each collar corner.

Six 5 millimeter cups are soldered on and a copper rings on the back

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