Chain With Twisted Wire Links

A hook and eyelet are soldered to the ends to complete the chain.

Twisted Wire Jewerly

the three prong ring

The three wire «hank» are made by cutting three pieces of »12 wire to the proper teng ih for the size oi ring. The outside segments are bent and soldered ■long the center.

The shank is bent around the mandrel end the top ends tiled ftat to sil level on the plate. The bezel is formed to fit the stone and soldered onto the plate. A piece of twisted wire is formed and soldered onto the plate around the beiel and trimmed and filed. jfc^s^; I

The shank is soldered on the back of the plate. The stone is set and the ring butted and polished.

the two prong ring

The bezel is made tor the «tone and soldered onlo the plate together with the silver balls, three on each side oi Ihe bezel.

A piece of half found wire of correct length is cut, the ends flattened by hammering. The center is marked on the flattened area and cut with the snips or slit with the jewelen saw.

Six silver balls are made by melting equal pieces of scrap on an asbestos block.

The two ends are spread with a Knife and the shank Is shaped around a mandrel. The ends are tiled to sit level on the plate.

The shank is soldered onto the back of the plate, the stone Is set and the ring is polished.

single stone band ring

A pattern It made from all ft paper and marked on 16g. silver sheet.

The stone selected, a bezel 1« made, soldered and filed to lit the curvature of the top of the ring.

The ring blank is cut out with a jewelers saw and a design stamped on the shank.

The bezel is soldered onto the top of the shank with the twisted wire decoration around It.

The stone is set and the ring is potlshed.

button top band ring

Other designs are stamped onto the shank and it is hammered around a ring mandrel. The shank ends soldered together and to complete, round the ring on the mandrel, buff, and then polish.

The ring is bent on the mandrel and soldered.

One of the simplest and moat popular rings to make is designed around a button die.

A ring blank is cut from 18g. sheet silver and the ring centered and stamped Into a smali button die.

The ring shank Is filed smooth and polished.

the expandable twostom- ring

A piece o1 M2 round wire of Ihe correct length is cut. The shank la split and spread.

This unique ring has Iwo stones and the possibility of being enlarged or reduced in size to f11 r in gers of a pprox im ate si». I! I a u nusuaUn the fact that the stones are set on separate p laf es at the en d of the top ol Ihe ri ng ah anti and are not soldered together— leaving a gap so that the ring may be bent larger or smaller and with this advantage may be worn on almost any finger of Ihe hand.

The ends of the shank are 11 led flat to fit the base of the bezel plate.

The two stones and two separate plBtes are cut and the betels are made for each stone but In this case the bezel cups are soldered onto the end of the two prong shanks separately

The stones are set. ^

The stones chosen are fhree long pieces of red coral which could easily be coral beads

Four pieces of Irlangle silver wire are cut picture frame-like and soldered onlo (he plate forming a . frame around Ihe bezels

And the ring It polished.

The three prong ring In this case Is made by using a flat piece of 18 gauge silver of the necessary length for the linger siie. The prongs are marked, cut and spread with a knife and a concave portion Is Hied on both sides of the ring shank to make it more comfortable to wear.

The bezels are mode lor each and soldered onto the plate.

The ring shank Is bent around a mandrel and the top ends filed (laMo sit flush with the plate. The shank ii soldered onto the back of the plate.

The slones are set and the ring is darkened, buffed and polished.

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