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How To Make Fork Bracelets and Necklaces

How to Make Fork Bracelets

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The multiple stone bracelet based on the decorated or stamped triangle wire shank is one ot the most attractive and graceful bracelets made by the Southwestern Indians.

Two pieces of Ā»3 triangel wire are cut to length, the center found, and the portion 1o be decorated is marked.

The bezels are made for the stones and soldered on to 24g plates just large enough to accommodate them.

The stones are chosen, because at this lime the width between the two triangle segments must be determined.

The ends of tt triangle wi f are solderĀ« ^ with tl

The plates and ends are trimmed and filed.

The stamping is done in a grooved anvil and the two pieces straightened.

Two pieces of silver (about 20g) to solder onto the ends are cut and benl 90 degrees.

The bracelet is formed over a mandrel and the cups are soldered on.

The stones are mounted and the bracelet buffed and polished.

If one likes the stamping or die work to show, the bracelet is blackened with antiquing liquid

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the cast silver bracelet with stones

These cast silver bracelet shanks were made by Navajo Indians melting scrap silver from other Jewelry-making operations and pouting It into hand carved tula molds. f

They are usually heavier in weight and have a massive character that other bracelets do not have.

The ends are additionally bonded together by soldering fct^. flat silver strips ^ along the ends, jfc,

A very attractive bracelet is made by soldering together a number, > in this case eight, A 1/2 round silver /// wire segments ////> about 5V, /////, sr MM

II desired, a stone can be added by soldering onto the bracelet a plate with a bezel made to fit the stone.

The bracelet is pickled, filed and shaped around a bracelet mandrel.

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