The Cigarette Ugi Iter Case

A dis- m carded lighter body makes * an ideal mandrel.

The silver cigarette case for the disposable pro* pane lighter is a rather recent item for the silversmith. Decorated cases were also popular a number of years ago for the old cotton wick naphtha lighter,

A sheet of 26 gauge silver of the correct size for the particular lighter is decorated with a stamped border and bent around a discarded lighter body. Black iron binding wire is used to hold it in place while soldering. A silver base is cut and perforated before soldering on to the bottom. The perforation is for pushing the empty lighter out for discarding. Stones are selected, bezels are made for them and soldered on with twisted wire or other decorations such as leaves, etc. The stones are set, lighter antiqued and polished.

Pictured here are only a few of the many lighters that can be encased in silver.

An attractively decorated lighter case with coral, turquoise and applique leaves

Design variations for a lighter case seem to be infinite. Plain, stamped, engraved, initialed, with stones, flowers, leaves or any combination of decorations can be attractive.

A disposable lighter, with slip-on silver jacket, for coffee table use

Special oval tubing is now available to fit the Zippo lighter body. Only the decoration needs to be soldered on to the sides.

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