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Wry {Kipnl.ir lor bead work and can also In- uv-d lo* glass slumping, dec alii>9 & chino pointing. Fín-sto 1100'C.jnd plugs into .my lOktmp power pOint.(5omc as kettle o< toaster). It comes v/ith a fully iuconatic single program uter friendly controller.

Ihe internal dimensions .we iCCmm x 300mm x 140mmHigh (l2"xl2*x6'H». I he elements are covercd by guarí? tubing which is safe if tlte door is opened it weighs about 16 kilograms

Unit 2.7 Cunningham St.Moorebank NSW 2170 Tel (612) 9822 7855 Fax (612) 9822 7688 (a division of Geddcs Engineering Pty.ltd) A8N 64 086 103 415

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