1 large recycled glass focal beod (opprox 3125 cm) If you fancy making a gift for a friend but don't know the size, Memory Wire solves those problems as one size fits all. Designed by Helen Everett. Memory wire is a very hord wire to cut and can damage pliers, so use memory wire cutters, or keep a set of old pliers aside just for cutting memory wire

Stfp I

After completing 45cm of rope, slide rope off skewer and go ' -O only the four high beads, pulling them into a tight circle this will close up the end of your rope. Kno- and secure, do not cut thread. p-ck up 1 x seed bead, 1 x 4mm peod. go through French wire approximately .5cm. and slo your jump ring on go back through *he pearl, and seed bead. Pull thread slowly the f rcnch wire will lorm a 'IJ' on the end of the pecrl Make sure you have the jump ring m this 'U*. Complete other end to match.

Step Six

When all becds ore wired on, wrap one end of the remaining length of wire 12 times down the ring so that all the wraps line up close together. I hen bring the wire back up towards the beads by wrapping twice and leaving space between the wraps. Finish the end off by wrapping wire around one ol the beads and trim. Repeat with the other length of wire in the same way to finish off.

Step Two

On a head pin, ihread a silver ' tKrad, coral lube or long shell p e. Place a small silver Ilower, a tiny turquoise round or smal coral piece at each end. Using round nose pliers make o loop at the top. link onto the jump ring and wrap the wire around *he cin several times cut off any excess wire Sepe-r 'his procedure using five coral tubes, plocing either Bat silver beads at each end or the t , .'urquaise rounds three silver tubes and one ' Ivor iish. followed by n turquoise bead at each >...

Stfp Ninl

Embellishing cherry blossom Using approximately 50cm thread, go through peyote rope work and knot. Pick up live send beads in contrast . lo ir, loop around ond go back into second bead, pick up four beads, go bock nro one of tour, pick up, repeal, thread back c *'irst bead (Diagram 4). If you pinch the work with your fingers and keep sliding the beads lo o to peyote as you work, it is easier to get a nicc picot effect.

Step I

Repeat Step 3 to lorm your two inside pins, threading the pin through the second hole of your Swarovski crystal slider. You should now have four eye pins threaded (two pins joined with a slider and iwo separate for the outside). lo complete one- section, use on eye pin and thread it through the four loops you created at one end ol ecu h sepaiale eye pin, threading your crystals in sequence I x 6mm crystal. I x 4mm crystal, I x 6mm c rystal and form a loop at the end as in Step I. Link this loop...

Step Three

Threod needle with double length of bead thread. Tie an anchor bead onto the end of thread leaving a 1 Ocm tail. Bring noodle up through the middle 6' the first sieve, add 1 x 8mm pearl, 1 x beod cap and 1 x 2mm silver head. Pass needle back through pearl. Anchor pearl firmly by lying needle thread lo the 1 Ocm tail. Bring needle bock up through sieve to the side of I he 8mm pearl, odd 1 x 6mm pearl, 1 x 2mm silver beod pass back through 6mm pearl as with the 8mm pearl. Continue around in a...

Stfp Eigh I

Using more clay, roll out between your two stacks of cards, two cards thickness, until the cloy is flat. Using your large and medium heart cutlers, cut out one Icrge heart and four medium hearts. Let dry. Design note With these, you leave the centra in. With the leftover cloy, moke three small hearts and, using a rubber mat, texture the hearts. Make sure you put a lit lie of the bolni onto the small hearts before placing onto the mat. With a drill or toothpick, make a hole in the top cf each...

Siep Eight

Repeat Steps 1 to 7 for your second earring. COST OF KIT. S32.00 (includes regular post within Australia). Please allow a further 2 60 if registered (insuredI mail is required. J) Light Rose with Ruby accents arid Rosaline pearls. Silver or Gold. 2) Crystal AB with Golden Shadow accents and Bronze pearls. Silver or Gold 3) Light Sapphire with Purple Velvet accents and White pearls. Silver or Gold. 3 9 Bergin Street, Gerringong NSW 2534 7 x 7mm solid sterling silver lump rings

Step Seven

On one of the outside strands, thread 1 x 6mm clear AB crystal. Using the inside strand closest to it, thread through the AB crystal from ihe opposite direction. Repeat on the other two strands. closest to it, thread through the AB crystal from ihe opposite direction. Repeat on the other two strands.

Earring Step

Thread the following beads onto tin Swarovski crystal head pins v ith pewter spacers in between I x 8mm donut vintage rose 4 x 5mm Squaredelles crystal gold 1 x 6mm ac uamarine satin bi-cone 1 x 4mm milky white Swarovski crystal Cut at about .9 above from the end of if e beads, bend the end into a right angle with your chain nose piieis and turn with your round nose pliers into an eye. Attoch the ear wire ontc this and then repeat lor the other earring Kits Necklace 58.00, Earrings 12.00 -...

Step Eleven

With the filigree work, gently sond (very gently, the piece is still fragile at this stage . Put ample paste onto the bock of the large heart and ploce into the centre of your scroll work and press gently down to join. Repeat this step with the medium hearts, placing them as per picture until all the hearts are joined. Let dry completely. Gently sa-d if needed, and f're the piece as per manufacturer's instructions.

Step Eight

Repeat Steps 1 -7 with your seccd piece of wire, and your matching earrings are complete. Kit available 32 00 Bracelet (without pliers). 12.00 Earrings (without pliers) Pliers S5.95 each or S 14 95 set of three. The Bead Shack Queensland Shop J59 Sunshine Plozo, Maroochydore Old 455 Shop 3 Robino Super Center, Rohina Qld 4230 Email info(ri> theheadshack RICH COLOUR, IMPERFECT SHAPE, EARTHY TEXTURE AND DUST SARAH I ZZY-DICKSON DISCOVERS THE HISTORY BEHIND THE ART FORM THAT IS INDIAN...

Woodrow Kilns

Leaders in Kiln & Furnace Technology Wry lor bead work and can also In- uv-d lo* glass slumping, dec alii> 9 & chino pointing. F n-sto 1100'C.jnd plugs into .my lOktmp power pOint.(5omc as kettle o< toaster). It comes v ith a fully iuconatic single program uter friendly controller. Ihe internal dimensions .we iCCmm x 300mm x 140mmHigh (l2xl2*x6'H . I he elements are covercd by guar tubing which is safe if tlte door is opened it weighs about 16 kilograms Unit 2.7 Cunningham...

He Original Technique Of Viking Knitting Can Be Traced Back To Scandinavia Evidence Shows That The Vikings Had This

TODAY THIS TECHNIQUE STILL remains similar to centuries ago yet the tools used have been updated. rhere are two moir approaches often seen in patterns for creating this technique 1. Using a small boiich vice with Alien keys or 2. Using dowel o different sizes. This article provides the base template to create this technique. Some-limes this technique is referred to as Wire Weaving. It looks very similar to the Nalbinding technique. This technique isn't limited to just creating jewellery like...

To Finish

Cut away the stoning dais, bundle and any uneven rews at the beginning Using 20g wire, cut an 18cm length of wire. Pass it through the holes of the end weaves and create a wrap incorporating a clasp c one end. Repeot at the other end o ' the piece, once agcin incorporating o closp end. This c ompletes your creation. Phone 07 3283 4776 Mobile 04 18 879 577 Email atheno qld. chariot or Cheapest Kits in Town Wsirc you own price ' - tysaljewellery for the pvicoi r gt e iws'i c V A.r c-jv-iX...

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