Cones of many eolors


Power Pro Knots

wrapped loop as close as possible to the spacer (photo d). [4] Repeat these steps with the other cone.


conos and beaded strands

• 5m.1l amounts of Japanese cyinderbeads, ss/e 11*. >n7cctors

• 2 smai nat spacer beads

• 2 head pr\s or 6 in. (15cm) 20-gauge Mf-hard wire

• Nymo 0. Rretrne, en other boadng thread

• Stringth, Power Pro. Rrefine, or otner beadng cord

• twisted we <y B<g-Eyo needles finishing

• 12 m. (30cm} assorted beads to ccn^icmont cones

• flexible beating we. .013 or .014. or medium-gauge wire

• crimping piers

• roundnose piers

• we cutters wrapped loop as close as possible to the spacer (photo d). [4] Repeat these steps with the other cone.

Completing the necklace

For the span between the cones and clasp, use a colorful mix of beads that complements the cones. For example, string gemstones, Bali silver, and bugles on flexible beading wire, then crimp (Basics) one end to the wrapped loop above a cone and the other to the clasp (turquoise necklace). Or, try stitching an assortment of beaded beads and stringing them on short lengths of wire. Then make wrapped loops at the ends of the wires and link them into a graceful chain (black necklace). Add beads or silver spacers, as desired, o end. Allow a little ease so the beads hang freely.

3] Turn a small wrapped loop at the end of each head pin (Basks) or 3-in. (7.6cm) length of wire. Tie each group of tails onto a loop with a surgeon's knot (Basics and photo b). Glue the knots and trim the tails.

Attaching strands to cones : 1 ] Stuff a piece of yarn into the cone's tip to give it body. [2j Insert the wire's straight end into the cone and out the hole at the top lphoto c). If the loop distorts the cone, pinch the loop into an oval.

3! Slip a small bead or spacer onto the wire, then make a small



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Gold-brick bracelet

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