Beading supplies don't c hange much from stitch ti» stitch, so I'll lisi enough l«»r beginners to have .ill the basics, plus some good ies soexperienc ed I leaders won't be bored, litis supply list constitutes what I use at this stage in my beading lite.

Ple.tse < hrn k out t he oil km beadtnf' books from Interweave Press lor further disc ussion of bead characteristics, supplies, and tools.

Beads and Design

The most important tiling is. of course, the beads! I've done some simple* p.itterns thai tinned out wonderfully bee ause of the beads I used, and I've mined some gorgeous pat-terns with Ihe wrong I>eads. I've worked with seed beads as small as size 20' .ill ihe way up to M/e r. although I fend to use mostly si/«- I I stuuls and Deli» as Color, finish, shape, ami size all affect how ihe finished beadwork looks.

Us»» the besi quality heads you < an. VValrli r<>r beads that fade—youi bead souu e ran usually fell you if bead-, have been dyed or galvanized and whether the < <»lor will lade or rub oil You can set bead color with a clear spray sui h as Krylon*1. just put the beads in a plastic bap and spray in a few sprit/es. Smoosh the beads around a couple of times as they arc drying so they don't stic k together ( Ihanks to Suzanne Cooper 1« 'i this tip

Magazine, ads are a great place to find color schemes, fear out that beautiful ad and mate h up your lieads. It you have a hard time choosing c olors, get a good book on color theory, t Try the library so you < an save your < ash tor beads!) I ook for books that include the effei t of light as well as pigment colors; because beads are similar to stained glass in transmitting < olors. Ihe more you bead, the more you'll have an instinct for what works and what doesn't. You'll also find that you develop your own style. I sometimes c hal lenge myself to use < olprs other than my favorites, but I have to be ( aieiul, bee ause if I don't really love mv colors. I never finish the pfojei i f venly Sized beads will result In evenly sized beadwork. Set the really tat and skin ny beads aside for ini leases and dec reases. I hose beads that are way loo c rooked to use? Throw them ovet vour .liouliler for link!

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/v© bi'üdoü <nniv vi/jjp/iN with çUffervnt sJzcs *nui shapt's ot beads togivv yon ,w ¡dv,i how the vanofx-üds look when worked u/> ¡n horrin^lnmc. Lu h Iw.ulrd Kifuara /s Why 10 beads.

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