"Preston, I just had two days of sales that came to over $2,000 of selling my wire sculpted jewelry. I also now have jewelry in two stores. I am so thrilled right now.

When the shop owner learned that I would do a day of making jewelry and give her a part of the sales, she grabbed one of the few weekend days I had open.

Thanks for all the time you spent encouraging me when I called. You do not know what this encouragement means to me. Thanks to you, your wife Mary and your staff. They are so helpful and try to make life easier for those of us who are so new at this."

-Billie Peterson Carson, Illinois

My course reveals secret jewelry making techniques and teaches you how to make CASH from your jewelry designs...even if you've never even bent a paper clip before!

This is the #1 course on making wire sculpted jewelry, and you can get it now and start working part-time, full-time, or maybe just making jewelry for the grandkids - the choice is yours!

There's no pressure just work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, have some fun and make some money too.

In fact I will guarantee that this Home Business Package will give you the knowledge and skills needed to start your own small home jewelry business or your money back!

I'm the only guy in this business that gives a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not making jewelry in 90 days, just send your Home Business Package back to me for a full refund. No questions asked. How can I do this?

Because I developed and tested this system and I know it works. Look, I hate to go on about how great a jewelry designer I am and how great my course is but it's my job to let you know that you are dealing with a REAL HOME BUSINESS with thousands of very successful students around the world.

"The amount of information that Preston gives is abundant. He covers every point clearly, concisely. He leaves nothing to the imagination.

As an instructor (beaded jewelry) at several schools, I recognize a good, bad, or excellent instructor. And Preston falls in the excellent range, in my opinion. I also like his sense of humor, never lets the process become boring. I have recommended Preston's tapes to many people. That probably summarizes it "in a nutshell". I would never recommend something that I did not believe in 100%."

-Becky Patellis Marietta, Georgia

That's right!



Now if you are ready to start making money with my "GOLD WIRE SCULPTING SYSTEM" for making jewelry------READ ON


If you want to start your own business making jewelry and money(!) within 3-4 weeks, you must get this course. This is the very same step-by-step system that I use to sell thousands of dollars worth of hand-crafted jewelry!

With a little practice, hard work, and my trade secrets, you could be selling your jewelry in a matter of weeks.

And remember, the best part of this business is that it is a trade.

Once you learn it, no one can ever take it away from you!

Anyone can do it—Anywhere

I have trained housewives, store clerks, teachers, and even golden agers over 65 years old! Did you know that the average age of professional wire sculptors is over 50 years old!! I will take you by the hand and walk you each step of the way.

With my "Gold Wire Sculpting System" I went from flea markets making $200 a weekend to giant wholesale jewelry shows with revenues of $10,000 for just a four-day show!

Now, don't think I didn't make lots of mistakes because I made more than my share.

Lots of dumb, costly mistakes that could have been avoided. But by trial and error I sorted through what works and what doesn't and developed a step-by-step system for a home based business making the most money with the least headaches. I did so well making jewelry, my local newspaper recently did a write up about me. They called me the "Jeweler Without a Ruler".

Precious Stones

Precious Stones

IN this little text-book the author has tried to combine the trade information which he has gained n  his  avocation,  the  study  of  precious  stones,  with  the  scientific  knowledge  bearing  thereon, which his vocation, the teaching of chemistry, has compelled him to master.

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