Clipboard Wire cutters Round nose pliers

Length of fmtsfaed p«e: 45cm-50cm r- cam 0

This macramé necklace is part of a new range being developed by the ArTTable's designer, Dina Goebei. The leafy pattern forms a delicate wreath which holds these unique moonstone beads.

MACRAMt KNOTS Half square knot sinnet (HSqK; All -square knots have tying cords ond filler cord'. Generally you use on«- « ord from each side as the tying cords ond »he "¡minder in the centre as filler cords In the HSqK, you will always commence your I ic' using tin» cord on the far left Refer to Diogran i to practice this kno? A spirol kne' sinnet is a continuous series of the hoi- ^.auare knots which twists into a spiral as you progress.

Double half-hitch seom (DHH; The double half hitch allow ,o j to create a seam across your knotting. Select the far left cord as the filler cord la. this across all your cords in the angle you require To tie the r-nttfïSi BBS«»

double half hitch, bring the first Knotting cord up-over-and-behind the filler cord. Poll down tight then repeat with the same cord ogam to make a double half hitch. Repeat this process with the next cord in line

Design fip. You car» pin the filler coid onto the clipboard to help creaU- the diagonal of the •;eam you require

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