Step I

Begin by straightening the bent pari of each earring loop. Then thread your brass balls onto the first earring loop. Cut off any excess wire, leaving 1 cm of wire remaining. Taking your round nose pliers create a loop similar to 'hot on the other end of your e/ loop. Join these two loops together with a 4 mm Jumpring.

Diagram 2

Hint: Jo open the junipring, hold onto if near the join with your pliers. (Flat/ chain nose pliers ore usually best, but round nose pliers can also be used)

With your other sel ol pliers, open the jumpring by pulling one side of the ring towards you, while moving the other in the opposite direction.

Use one pair of pliers lo hold the jumpring while attaching the loops of the earring loop together.

To close the jumpring, use the technique described above in the opposite way, making sure you have the sides of the jumpring meeting, so your ring is completely closed.

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