Step Four Claws

Take 60cm ol 24 gauge wire and lold iri half Throod a blue 4mm cube, 3 x 4mm black cubes, 1 x 4mrn blue cube. 6 x 4mm black cubes, 1 x 4mm blue cube, 12 x -mm block cubes, 1 x blue 4mm cube. 6 x 4nm black cubes, 1 x 4 mm blue cube, 3 x 4rnm black cubes and finishing with a 4mm blue cube. Seporato wire and thread I x buglo, 1 x seed bond. 1 * bugle on car li Mck- Rol wiry with tnmirl imv pln-r\ In enri off N.'v t}lO '-nil ol the wire al the looped end creating two individual strands and thread eoch strond with 1 x bugle, I x seed bead and 1 * bugle; roll end of wire with round nose pliers Separate beods in the centre, exposing the wire

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