Step Four

Cut off any excess elastic and tuck the knol back up into the body of the dragonfly so that it cannot be seen.

Design tip: A dab of glue such as OS I lypo cement will add extra securily to your knots.

Kit price: $9.95 (includes materials to make three rings).

The Bead Society of Victoria once again puts out the challenge to all headers to enter this years Bead Challenge. Entry $25. Frist Prize $500. Our Challenge has every entrant starting with the same beads, this years beads are pictured here, and all these beads must be used.

They can be sewn, wired, loomed, threaded any method is accepted except glueing. You may add as many extra beads as you like and create what ever you like.

The judging of the Challenge is by the public vote, all entries are exhibited during our annual Bead

Symposium and Fair which this year will be held from November 16th to 18th. at the Kinsgton Town Hall,


View all 2006 Bead Challenge entries on our web site and see the variety of creativity and talent that can come from the same starting point.

Contact us for an entry form by: Web: Email: [email protected] Write: P.O. Box 382, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067

Kit price: S9.95

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