Step Fivf

Bend the longest (80cm) wire 4.5cm from Ihe eye clasp about 30 degrees so thai it meets the outer ring. Wrap the '/A gauge wire lightly around both pieces of wire where they meet lo secure and attach inner frame to outer ring. See Diagram 6.

Diagram 6


To make the 'Hook' ol ft Hie ┬┐wo. ooion\ .he clasp. Al 7cm W, R m the end of the inner ISA K

frame (80cm or middle} \ / \ Ln wire make a 90 degree \ 1/

bend down towards Ihe '" -V inner part of the frame. Diagram 7

PUsl. Ihe bend all the way (li.v ':< I with either pliers or your lingers to form a 'I J' shaped bead Mai n sure the 'U' shape is lightly clos-'d toward*. Ihe lop ol tHo bend and that both wires sit parallel to eai li other.

Using round nose pliers, make a tiny 'I'' loop right at Ihe tip of the bend r,o that Ihe

loop is facing the bottom of the neck ring. At about 1.5cm troru the 'P' loop, and using the widest port of your round nose pliers, bend wire bock over itself so that the 'P' loop will bo facing the top of the neck ring. This forms the hook of the clasp. See Diagram 8

Diagram 9

Diagram 8

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