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Wire Wrapped I y0 now complain.

Use 20 gauge (0.32mm) wire.

I Cut one length of wire 4cm long.

2. Mark the centre of the wire.

3. Halfway from the centre, using the thickest part of the round nose pliers, bend the wire over the pliers to make o U-shaped bend.

4 Gedje another U-shaped bend at the other end of the wire lacing the opposite direction

5. I'rim the ends ol each U shape so that they align with the center markings.

6. At the tips of ent h IJ-shape, turn the wire bock onto itsell 0 2mm (file oil any sharp edges).

7. Gently position each end towards the; contre marking so you hove created an 'S' shape. Don't forgot to remove any markings on the wire. Nov/ completed.

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