Important Tips For Using Memory Wire

I. Memory wire is extremely hard. Do not use your normal wire cutters, even heavy duty cutters, as they will be ruined. You ae bes' 'o use specilically designed memory wre cutters. 7 Sometimes, because of the curve ol the wire-it's a tight lit to get larger beads threaded. Don't worry alx>ut using Ion e to gel them threaded you cannot harm the wir r and it will always spring bock into shape 3. II you don't like the loops showing, you can use memory win- caps which are cppllbd using glue

•1 Memory wife comes In a standard sw and a large size Always remember thai it wll expand when you I'll i! with beads, and even tlx>ugh the standard size looks really small, it is the correct size to use for the majority of people

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MATERIALS 40cm Thick Chain

12 x 22mm Hecxlpins 2 x 63mm Heodpins

13 x 4mm Jumprings 7 x 6mm Jumprings 4 x 14mm Jumprings

4 x 20mm Jumprings

5 x Small Eorfing Loops 1 x Chain End

1 x Parrot Clasp

BEADS 21 x 3mm Brass balls

30 x 4mm Light-shade round facetted glass beads

30 x 4mm Dmk-shode round facetted glass beads

4 x small oval glass beads

4 x squared oval gloss beads

2 x 6mm Dark-shade round facetted glass beads

2 x large oval glass beads

2x 14mm round facetted glass beads

2 x Medium edged oval glass beads

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