Finding special local beads is always exciting, and this winter is peried to showcase your beauties, even |ust the bead strung on an interesting chain can be very effec'ive. Clusters of beads and ■ harms have been growing in popularity for months and these styles of earrings and necklaces are also good ways to show off a matching sot of special beads

Buttons ore often quite pretty, and readily ovailablo in sewing and haberdashery shops. I hey can be salvaged horn deteriorating clothing and lound in antique and bric -a-brac stores Some can have faux pearl:, and diamantes set in them, while others arc in the shapes of cute animals. However they come, there's no excuse to leave them out of your accessories! Necklaces made up ol brightly coloured buttons on lop of different coloured buttons look striking against black and other neutral shades, and when linked with jump rings through the thread holes, make an altogether different, look entirely. Bullous that have tha threod loop al the bock can be used in wire working, and turned into hair accessories, brooches or bracelets They can even be used as lliey were intended, or. buttons! Insteot of using a slandord clasp lor a necklace 01 bracelet cuff, try moking a button loop out ol tiger tail and seed beads and adding a Ixjiton instead.

In tin- same vein, buckles make great accessories loo. Used traditionally, you con incorporate them into beaded bells Alternatively, use them os local points in necklaces to hang other bits and pieces from, 01 several small buckles linked together to form a chain They can also be used as a base to begin wire working Irom, to create an interesting frame to be used in jewellery or as decoration arouid the home.

Whatever you choose to moke your beoulilul beaded rnosterpieces with, moke sure that they're on show during the colder seosons, as a little bit of jewellery can brighten anyone's day!


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