Autumn Trends

As the weather lurns back into the familiar icy chill of autumn and winter, we are sometimes forced to layer on more clothes than we'd like to, so it's only fair to keep your accessories as visible as they deserve to be. Sarah Ezzy-Dickson uncovers some beading trends to inspire you to warm up your fingers and get to work.

Mixed textile jewellery is a kinetic approach to wearing art.

THE COOLER WEATHER generally brings darker colours block, brown ond navy however there ore variations on your typical winter theme that ore worth giving consideration to, such os bold red, peacock blue, fern green ond antique sage. Semiprecious stones ore popular, and the colder seasons aren't any exception. Cornelian will add a dash of bright colour, from red to orange, while turquoise looks stunning ogainr.t a black outfit when teamed with either gold or silver. Emerald ond jade will satisfy any lust for green, and either Lapis Lazuli or sodolitu will fit the bill lor the perfect winter blues that won't make you frown, large semi-precious nuggets used individually can make outstanding feature beads, or smaller nuggets linked together with rnin coiled wire looks qui'c dainty. The irregularly shaped semi-precious nuggets give-on earthy feel to o piece of jewellery, while finely foceted ones tend lo look more feminine ond refined.

While resin jewellery has been popular for a few year:; now, with thanks to the likes of

Dinosaur Designs, it ¡s enjoying resurgence in the spoilighi with many jewellery designers creating their ..-.n style of resin fewellery. Chunky pendants mode up of layers of bald opaque colours glazed with glitter, shaped into ice cream cones and flowers ore being seen around the nocks of young and old Resin jewelleiy isn't limiteri to designers with studios and specialised equipment at their disposal ice-cube Irays make excellent moulds for resin pendants (|ust ensure the troy isn't ¡ able to melt when you pour the resit. I-:- •• r.ce< -nenr .-.¡th different sized round take-away containers placed inside each other, with resin pojred in the we!/ left between !he containers for bangles of varying width and height. With a bit o* sanding, the edges will be smooth enough to wear

Big, chunky brass or pewter pendants in antique bra sr., gold or silver on long chains look really effective when worn under a scarf, and smaller charms and stampings are also proving to be very popular in accessories. Pans, drogonilie-s, leaves and large groups of circles look great in gold or silver, and filigree bead caps and beads are also beautiful additions to clusters of charms on a necklace; on earrings; or as features on their own.

Vintage themed piece: were becoming popular towards the end of last year, hut with winter around the comer vintage will be at its best. Strands of pearls tied wilh black satin or silk ribbon an- class»: pieces that will add glamour to any old |umper. Cameos attached to metal cobodvon stol ons, then used as features lor earrings or necklaces, can be made to really stand our by combining with crystal drops and ribbon. 1 nee and ribbon can also be incorporated into jewellery - iry weaving it through the links in some choin; use leather ends to turn pieces mto chokers, or turn some of your lace offcuts mto textile earring; {to keep the lace stiff, dip it in liquid storch and then iron).

Mixed leodile jewellery is a kinetic approach tO wearing or?, it move; with the breeie and the movement of your txxfy and it is Interesting

to touch There o-e brilliant types of wool and thread available on the market, and some ore specially targeted at being used as scrap-booking decorations, but who's to say that's where i' ends? Plaiting several strands of 'furry' Ihnad togefh«y beads scattered along the strands makes a smip!- eye-catching single strand red '-ace Shorter strands ol thread or wool secured mto folding leather ends and hung from eornng nooks would make great matching earring; V. >- c <~g several different textured threads, -s ools or leather around a wooden bangle base can give a very 'natural' feeling to an outfit, which could then be taken further with a long strand of wood and crocheted beads.

Continuing with the textile jewellery theme, leather- are also great accessories worn as charms m necklaces, as earrings or in hair occessones, they odd a delicate touch to a thick coat or |Ocke* To keep your feathers in good condition when you're not wearing them, pul them into .'ip-lock bags this will also keep mischievous I ~ out of the equation' To add a or glom to the feathers, a little bit of glitter nairspray will odd the sparkle, and it will also heiD *o -ceep rhe feathers stiff.

Scan.<>- can sometimes get a little boring, but they do come in handy when the wind gets icy. H you're a knitter, when knitting a scad try adding a bead every stitch or so. II you're not a kintvr i- ii ng heads onto a pro made scad is fairly easy . . however you do it, the effect is the some your own unique scarl! Other ways to add pizzox? to your woollen neckwear ate to edd beaded tassels to the ends, or to make o pretty beaded brooch to keep a sccr or poncho in place.

Diomantes ado sparkle to everything you wear, and many of 'he big designers hove embraced diomantes to 'he extreme, creating crystal encrusied brooches and earrings that could light your way in the dark Less ir. more a I t of the time tho >gh, and just a lev/ diamante rondels added in between round Qech gloss beads can be just as stunning.

Chunky pendants made up of layers of bold opaque colours glazed with glitter, shaped into ice cream cones and flowers are being seen around the necks of young and old.

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